‘Ao dai’ and lotus: the best of both worlds praise Vietnamese silhouette

“Mystique Orient”, the latest ‘ao dai’ collection by designer Khanh Shyna with meticulously hand-embroidered lotus patterns, will be featured at the Hue Festival 2016.

Having breathed in the Imperial City’s air for a long time, Khanh Shyna understands the nature of the ‘ao dai’s beauty.

Khanh employs Hue's traditional hand embroidery techniques to create a variety of lotus motifs.

Khanh is the only guest designer to be invited to the “Ao dai fete”, part of the Hue Festival 2016 that will take place

from April 29 to May 4.

The latest ‘ao dai’ collection by Khanh draws inspiration from the lotus flowers inside Hue's Imperial City. He hasn't changed the traditional silhouette but instead adds new details with velvet and silk.

The whole collection is built on two familiar forms of the ‘ao dai’. One with a tight waist and sleeves, the other with a loose waist and wide sleeves.

The palette used comes from the architecture and nature of Khanh’s place of birth: the red tones represent the typical architecture to be found in Hue…

…the orange allures to the citadel's walls…

…and the jade blue mimics the color of the Huong River.

Photo by Panda Duong

Make-up by Fa Nguyen

Model: Ngoc Tran

Assistant: Trang Nha Ky