Imperial Palace by night – since April 22, 2017

According to the Hue Monuments Conservation Centre, Imperial Palace by night will be organized from 19:00-22:00 between April 22 – September 15, 2017. Admission fee is the same with fee for the daytime visit (120,000 VND for Vietnamese tourists and 150,000 VND for foreigners). Visiting the Citadel at night, tourists will have chances to explore Hue heritages:

Unforgetable experience of sparkling Imperial Palace by night (the Noon Gate, Trung Dao bridge, Thai Dich lake, The Mieu Temple, Dien Tho Palace, Truong Sanh Palace, etc.)

Impressive experience of royal ceremonials (the Change of Guards ceremony, performance of ceremonial music – Dai nhac, performance of festive music – Tieu nhac, etc.)

-  Interesting experience of royal activities (Training of martial art for the Imperial Guards, royal dances and music, royal games)

-  Attractive experience of Hue culture (exhibition of 5 world heritages of Hue and exhibitions of other subjects  at the heritage site, etc.)

-  Experience of Hue traditional crafts, services at Noi vu Palace, Truong Sanh Palace, and Dien Tho Palace, etc.


- The Change of Guards ceremony at Ngo Mon gate (07:00pm, 08:00pm and 09:00pm)

- Performance of Tieu Nhac-the Festive Music, at the courtyard of Thai Hoa Palace (07:15pm and 08:15pm)

Training of martial art for the Imperial Guards at the courtyard of Thai Hoa Palace (07:30pm and 08:30pm)

- Royal dance “Trinh tuong tap khanh” at Can Chanh courtyard (08:00pm and 09:00pm)

- Royal games at Can Chanh courtyard (08:00pm and 09:00pm)

- Performance of three instruments and Ca Hue-Hue Chamber Music performance at the two octagonal buildings (08:15 pm and 09:15pm)

- Performance “The Eight Immortals” at the courtyard of Truong Sanh residence (08:30pm and 09:30pm)